Monthly Archives: August 2014

Seems that the two boys of the Fire Litter are now booked. Two of our females, Ulpu and Helmi have been mated with their handsome grooms, and if they got happily pregnant, we expect the kittens to be born after mid-October. Read more in our blog!

Fire Litter booked, two litters expected in October

August is the other “hot” season for cats on our latitudes. Because of the ratio of the light and dark, many queens come in heat in August-September and springtime in March-April. Also entire adult males may have hormonal surges, leading to spraying (marking territory), yodeling for females and oily tail/coat […]

Kittens in October

According to the instructions from the human friend of Paavo, Juno and Ulpu, we have crafted some very easy entertainment boxes for our cats. To give your cat something interesting to work on, just take a rinsed milk or juice carton (in the pics I have used a cream carton) […]

DIY activating box for cats

The boys are 6 weeks old today! This is a very lovely age, for the little kittens are learning all kinds of stuff: hunting and killing of toys, attacking your brother with a gigantic Tiger Leap, playing with mom’s tail or your own tail… And suddenly the play is ceased […]

Boys of the Fire Litter