The second litter of Gubbe and Lily was born on 15th November, 2015. The theme of this litter is air. There are three girls (chocolate, tawny and chocolate silver spotted) and one boy (chocolate spotted) in the litter. All kittens have been very lively and well growing. The kittens got already their FIFe/Kissaliitto […]

Air Litter

The boys are 6 weeks old today! This is a very lovely age, for the little kittens are learning all kinds of stuff: hunting and killing of toys, attacking your brother with a gigantic Tiger Leap, playing with mom’s tail or your own tail… And suddenly the play is ceased […]

Boys of the Fire Litter

We visited Lily’s foster home yesterday. The foster family, as well us the breeders, think that Lily indeed has “something” in her sides. 🙂 This something is not moving at the same rate as Lily’s breathing. So we are hoping to receive around 27th June 2014 Lily and Gubbe’s kittens. Lily […]

Expecting Lily’s kittens