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Elsi (FI*Northalla Ethereal Medium)

chocolate spotted female
born 15-Nov-2015

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Elsi was born in the second litter of Lily and Gubbe, the Air Litter. She has a stunning, dark chocolate color, and super shimmering and silky coat. Her temper is lively, brave and very sweet! Elsi lives with Aahos family in Vantaa.


Nono (IC Blackwater Owi No Limit)Kissat_Nono

lavender spotted male
born 2-Mar-2011

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Nono is an American ocicat from the Blackwater breeder. He came to Finland from the Netherlands, where he lived until May 2014. Nono was co-owned with FI*Guttatus cattery, but now he’s retired from breeding career and he resides with family Moisanen in Turku, accompanied by ocicat boy Nemo from our Fire Litter. Sadly, we didn’t get any Nono’s offspring in our cattery but fortunately Guttatus cattery has two litters from him.

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Helmi (CH FI*Northalla Granuaile)Cats_Helmi

ebony silver spotted female
born 17-Apr-2013

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Helmi is the only girl of the Pirate Litter, and she is much like her mother Ulpu. Helmi has inherited some features also from her father ÄIJÄ e.g. her strong body. Pretty miss Helmi has lived with Tiina Mäkelä’s family, andshe has mothered two fine Northalla litters; the Light litter and the Bubble litter.

Pirate Litter Gallery

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Lily (IC FI*Northalla Peridotite) Kissat_Lily

chocolate spotted female
born 22-Apr-2012

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Lily is from our third litter, the Rock Litter, just like Klaara. She has really nice, a bit mean look on her face which I like a lot. Her body is really good size for a female, and she has a sweet but a bit stubborn character. Lily has a darker chocolate color and excellent spotted pattern. Lily is living in Toijala with our friend Maarit and her family. By the way, also Rock Litter’s father Roope (IP FI*Rollick Octavarium) lives in the same household so papa can take good care of her daughter. Lily had two litters, the Fire Litter and the Air Litter, both sired by our own boy Gubbe (SC FI*Northalla Blackbeard). She is now sterilized and continues to live with the Koskinen family, now fully owned by Maarit.

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photo of Klaara

Klaara (FI*Northalla Granite)

chocolate spotted female
born 22.4.2012

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Klaara is from our third litter, the Rock Litter. She has superb spotted pattern and beautiful warm chocolate color, and the sweetest and bravest character! She is very active young lady with nice profile and good box, and a nice body like her mom Tara. Klaara is living in Pori with our friend Tiina and her family. Klaara is the mother of the Water Litter, four lovely kittens. After her litter, Klaara has been transferred to Tiina’s ownership as planned, and she lives now as a pet accompanied by her own son Wilson and a housecat Kirppu.

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photo of Lilli

Lilli (FIN*Northalla Ancient Silver)

ebony silver spotted female
born 26.5.2009

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Lilli is the only girl in our first litter, the Metal Litter. We had placed Lilli in Maria & Antti Hahkala family, but Lilli never got kittens of her own due to very small knick in her tail that we found only when she was one year old. Lilli enjoys her life with Maria & Antti’s family, and her best friend is Rauli the ocicat.

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