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Saima (SE*Alsmarks Gandara)

tawny spotted female
born 4-Oct-2018

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Saima is our lovely, cuddling, brave and sweet Swedish girl! She is born in a litter of nine tawny spotted kittens! Saima lives at our home in Tampere and we hope that in time she would give healthy kittens with her golden temperament to our cattery. We are so thankful to you, Cecilia and Björn Alsmark, for letting us have this wonderful sweetheart!

Maisa (FI*Vinkeä Metka-Maisa)

ebony silver spotted female
born 28-Dec-2021

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Maisa is a beautiful silver girl whose appetite and curiosity are unmatched – just like an ocicat should be! Maisa’s mother, the chocolate spotted Miu, is from the latest Topspot litter, and her father is a blue silver spotted Dutch import Jäbä. Maisa’s eyes see right into your soul, and she knows very well that you DO have a bag of goodies in the cupboard, so why not take them out! Maisa lives in an foster home with Johanna in Tampere. Many thanks to FI*Vinkeä-kissala and Hanna for the trust and this great personality!

Tipsu (FI*Anórien’s Triss Merigold)

cinnamon spotted female
born 6-Feb-2022

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Warm and gentle, that’s how Tipsu is! Tipsu is in the calmer end of the Ocicat temperament spectrum, which is a really good thing for a breeding cat. Tipsu is super kind and easy to handle in all situations. Tipsu’s father is our own offspring from the Vikings Litter, Reni, and her mother is FI*Anórien’s offspring, who has an Abyssinian crossbreeding background on her own mother’s side. Tipsu lives in an foster home with Terhi in Tampere. Thank you very much Mirka and FI*Anórien’s cattery for trusting us with this sweet and beautiful oci lady!