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Our breeding cats

Ulpu (GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin)Cats_Ulpu

ebony silver spotted female
born 3-Nov-2011

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Ulpu is our new import from Holland, bred by Goobita Yangatin. Ulpu has beautiful ebony silver spotted coat, excellent contrast, and she has everything that an OCI-female should; including beautiful large ear tufts! Ulpu is the mother of the Pirate Litter, and we hope to more beautiful kittens from Ulpu in the future. Ulpu has brought us a good addition to the Finnish OCI gene pool. Ulpu resides in Helsinki with Eveliina Laine, accompanied by our breeding Juno, and big and fluffy housecat Parvonen. Thank you Els for this wonderful little silver girl!

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Moona (IC FI*Northalla Moonlight)

cinnamon silver spotted female
born 21-Oct-2014

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Moona is our über-sweet and brave little girl! She is living in the same foster home as her mom Helmi and uncle Puusti, with Tiina Mäkelä.



Calippo (SE*OzzySpot’s Calippo Ize)Cats_Calippo

chocolate silver spotted male
born 26-Jul-2014

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Calippo is an ocicat with American lines, but he was born and raised in Sweden. Calippo has a fine head type and great contrast and spotted pattern, which extends all the way down to his legs. Calippo has the sweetest and cuddliest character, but he is also the most playful and active, even for an ocicat! This young lad “can’t walk”, instead he runs full speed to where ever he wants to go.

Calippo lives in a foster home provided by our friend Sari Moilanen in Helsinki. Soon Calippo will have a new wrestling buddy, as Roco (Northalla Corvus Corax) of the Corvidae Litter will move in with him.

Calippo’s gallery