Viking Litter 2018

born 9-Jan-2018

sire: GIC Dragon Amagitsune*RU  “Duke”, OCI o 24
queen: GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin “Ulpu”, OCI ns 24

The Viking Litter is the first one for the father Duke, and the thrirdand the last for mommy Ulpu. In the Viiking Litter there were four victorious settlers and warriors:

  • FI*Northalla Red Explorer “Reni/Rollo”, cinnamon spotted male
  • FI*Northalla Runemaster “Loki”,cinnamon silver spotted male
  • FI*Northalla Seafarer “Knut”,cinnamon spotted male
  • FI*Northalla Valkyrie “Freyja”, tawny spotted female

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The pedigree of the Viking Litter

0.0% (4) – 0.9% (6) – 1.6% (8) – 2.9% (10)
100% (4) – 95.2% (6) – 72.4% (8) – 39.9% (10)
GIC Dragon Amagitsune*RU, OCI b 24, 2014-08-13 (RU/FI) IC Pagngle’s Satellite of Love, OCI o 24, 5.5.2012, SE/RU SC, DVM, JW Pagngle’s Love is All Around, OCI b 24, 30.12.2009 SE/SE CH Moster Soffis Primas, OCI b 24, 28.7.2006
SC, JW Coco-Donna’s Burning Love, OCI o 24, 14.8.2008
Catborg’s Akiba, OCI b 24, 5.2.2011, DK/- Catborg’s Zonta, OCI o 24, 26.10.2009, DK/-
Catborg’s Kira, OCI b 24, 5.4.2009, DK/-
CH AlmaMater Blue Sky, OCI as 24, 9.9.2013, US/RU SGC Chisholm Trl Cloudy Moon, OCI bs 24, 30.10.2012, US/US RW DGC Chisholm Trl Moon Power, OCI bs 24, 18.8.2010
Chisholm Trl Blues Singer, OCI a 24, 11.3.2008, US/US
Dreamsong Chili of AlmaMater, OCI as 24, US/RU Chisholm Trl Bran of Dreamsong, OCI a 24, 29.3.2008
Dreamsong Twister, OCI ns 24, 10.3.2007
GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin, OCI ns 24, 2011-11-03 (NL/FI) Halifax Bonfire, OCI o 24 (SE/NL) Softtail, OCI b 24 (SE/-) CH Lipoère Gamay, OCI b 24 (SE/-)
IC Halifax Black Rose, OCI n 24 (SE/-)
PR&EC Halifax Zelda, OCI o 24 (NO/FI) EC Wild Rain Night Storm, OCI n 24 (US/SE)
CH Halifax Alexis, OCI b 25 (SE/-)
Withywindle’s Bubbling, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL) Escoburg’s Black Beauty, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL) Moirai Sensation 2005, OCI bs 24 (US/-)
Anórien’s Alviarin, OCI ns 24 (FI/NL)
Draga Pisicâ Farah Diba, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL) Auxarcs Mr. Darcy, OCI b 24 (US/-)
Ezra Oci van Diem, OCI n 24 (NL/NL)

The Viking Litter had quite a rough start; mommy Ulpu for some reason did not produce enough milk. The people in Ulpu’s foster home had a busy time for the kittens needed to be fed kitten formula every couple of hours – including in the middle of nights. However, the kittens were strong and brisky, and once they learned how to suckle on the formula they drank quite a lot. Everyone grew nicely after the difficult start. In addition, it seemed that the kittens became even more “tame” for people handling them – it’s logical when you think that the kittens got used to the god feeling of stomach full when people handled them!


Northalla Red Explorer (Reni/Rollo)

cat’s info on Procat | Omakissa | Pawpeds
cinnamon spotted male (OCI o 24)
owner: O.V.
Reni moved to Röykkä and gets to live with his father Duken and another Ocicat and a Manx.

Northalla Runemaster (Loki)

cat’s info on Procat | Omakissa | Pawpeds
cinnamon silver spotted male (OCI os 24)
owner: R.S.
Loki moved in with a family in Helsinki. He is accompanied by an older Ocicat male Oskari as well as lovely dogs.

Northalla Seafarer (Knut)

cat’s info on Procat | Omakissa | Pawpeds
cinnamon spotted male (OCI o 24)
owner: T.L.
Knut enjoys his life in Vantaa, and another young Ocicat boy has moved in with him.

Northalla Valkyrie (Freyja)

cat’s info on Procat | Omakissa | Pawpeds
tawny spotted female (OCI n 24)
foster home: A.W.
Freyja got to stay in her birth home with her mommy Ulpun, our Wood Litter’s Juno, and a housecat  Paavo. Freyja is owned by us and she lives in Helsinki. We are hoping that in the future Freyja would become a mother for some Ocicat litters!

The parents of the Viking Litter

  • Sire: GIC Dragon Amagitsune*RU  “Duke”, cinnamon spotted male born 13-Aug-2014. Tests clear/negative: FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc, PK, dermatophytes. Blood type A.
  • Queen: GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin “Ulpu”, ebony silver spotted female born 3-Nov-2011. Tests clear/negative: FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc, PK, dermatophytes, heart scanned normal by ultrasound. Blood type A.