Elsi and Calippo’s kittens have gotten their eyes open this week, and there are fourteen brand new pepper eyes wondering the world inside their dim and secure kitten nest. For now we will settle for a photo of one week old kittens, who just started to open their eyes. Soon enough […]

The Septuplets Litter

Elsi is good and pregnant as you can see. She is growing her babies inside her, and the father Calippo couldn’t be more proud. I can’t believe that Gubbe and Lily are becoming grandparents already! I hope next week we can announce wonderful news. Please keep your fingers crossed!

Elsi’s belly is growing

Unfortunately we don’t have a newborn litter now. We were expecting Moona (IC Northalla Moonlight) and Calippo’s (CH Ozzyspot’s Calippo Ize) litter to be born in these days. Moona was scanned by ultrasound three weeks after the mating and she had a few embryos in her womb. But something has happened […]

No November kittens for Moona

Our tenth ocicat litter was born last night. The tenth FI*Northalla  litter consists of two boys and one girl. We will add a more detailed description of all kittens later on our kittens page. The litter was the second one for mommy Helmi (CH FI*Northalla Granuaile) and the first one for daddy Calippo (CH […]

Our tenth litter

The second litter of Gubbe and Lily was born on 15th November, 2015. The theme of this litter is air. There are three girls (chocolate, tawny and chocolate silver spotted) and one boy (chocolate spotted) in the litter. All kittens have been very lively and well growing. The kittens got already their FIFe/Kissaliitto […]

Air Litter