Ocicat - active and social

A wonderful, spotted and wild-looking cat. Ocicat remains to be really active, intelligent and playful all her age, and eager to discuss with you about the day’s events!


We breed spotted, wild-looking ocicats. The ocicat is an intelligent, playful and social cat. We register our kittens in Suomen Kissaliitto, which is a member of FIFe, an international cat fancier society. We have acquired the breeder name FI*Northalla from Kissaliitto in spring 2009. Our main interest is to breed ocicats and especially pay attention to the good health, lovely temperament and typical outlooks of the ocicat breed.

We appreciate the openness and co-operation between Finnish and foreign breeders. We use only healthy cats for breeding and test them for FIV, FeLV and microsporum canis. Other tests are done as needed. Since 2012, we have gene tested our breeding females for PRA and PK, although both are fortunately very rare in ocicats. Heart ultrasound scanning is also a routine procedure for our breeding cats.

We have cats that live at home with us, both intact and altered. They are members of our family and our beloved pets, regardless of if they are breeding cats or not. Additionally we own or co-own some breeding cats that live in good, reliable foster homes.

You are warmly welcome to visit us and our cats!

What is an Ocicat?

Ocicat is a medium to large cat, with elegant, athletic and longish body. The coat is short, dense and satiny in texture. The pattern of the coat is spotted and there are 12 color variations. The character of the ocicat is very social, active and playful – very lovable!

Our Ocicats

In our home there are four Ocicats who have already retired from their breeding careers. In addition, we have currently three breeding queens placed in foster homes, and one breeding male.

Ocicats living in our home

We share our home with four Ocicats who already have retired from their breeding career.

Our old friends

Many of our former breeding queens and males have lived since kittend in foster homes, where they also get to stay as pets after their breeding career ends, together with their own beloved people.

Northalla Ocicats in social media

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