Elsi is good and pregnant as you can see. She is growing her babies inside her, and the father Calippo couldn’t be more proud. I can’t believe that Gubbe and Lily are becoming grandparents already! I hope next week we can announce wonderful news. Please keep your fingers crossed!

Elsi’s belly is growing

August is the other “hot” season for cats on our latitudes. Because of the ratio of the light and dark, many queens come in heat in August-September and springtime in March-April. Also entire adult males may have hormonal surges, leading to spraying (marking territory), yodeling for females and oily tail/coat […]

Kittens in October

We visited Lily’s foster home yesterday. The foster family, as well us the breeders, think that Lily indeed has “something” in her sides. 🙂 This something is not moving at the same rate as Lily’s breathing. So we are hoping to receive around 27th June 2014 Lily and Gubbe’s kittens. Lily […]

Expecting Lily’s kittens