Water Litter 2013

Water Litter

born 4.6.2013

sire: CH Nappatassun Sir Lancelot “Adonis”, OCI ns 24
dam: Northalla Granite “Klaara”, OCI b 24

The Water Litter is our first litter queened by Northalla offspring, very cure Northalla Granite (Klaara) from the Rock Litter. Both Klaara and Adonis are the most brave and sweet cats we could ever wish for. Seems that the whole litter fortunately inherited this trait from their parents. The water litter was born and raised in Pori with our dear friend Tiina Härkälä. After this litter Klaara was transferred to Tiina’s ownership. Klaara gave birth to four healthy kittens:

  • Northalla Whitewater “Wilson”, ebony silver spotted male
  • Northalla Springwater “Hiski/Patu”, ebony silver spotted male
  • Northalla Sweetwater “Yoda/Soma”, tawny spotted female
  • Northalla Groundwater “Tomu/Cosmo”, tawny spotted male


[expand title=”Water Litter pedigree”]
coefficient of inbreeding:
1,8% (4) – 2,2% (6) – 3,2% (8) – 4,0% (10)
ancestor loss coefficient:
96,7% (4) – 88,9% (6) – 66,8% (8) – 35.3% (10)
Nappatassun Sir Lancelot, OCI ns 24, 2009-10-13 FI/FIIC Ozspots Sheelberight, OCI ns 24, 2008-08-14GCH Ocivalley Flek, OCI b 24, 2005-03-22Kuranita Oci Night Hawk, OCI n 24, 2003-01-17
Xanthorhea Oci Pepper, OCI b 24, 2002-08-13
Sharic Lady Cheetah, OCI ns 24, 2006-12-23Abyrose Artic Blue, OCI a 24, 2006-03-05
Sharic Playstation, OCI ns 22, 2005-11-29
Silvercomet Sleeping Beauty, OCI n 24, 2008-04-05Anórien’s Walk Thru the Fire, OCI n 24, 2008-01-23Dream Tigers Antares, OCI n 24, 2005-04-28
Dream Tigers Emotion, OCI p 24, 2006-02-21
EC Guttatus Basia Mille, OCI b 24, 2004-04-13EC Martinic Straight Flush DM, OCI b 24, 1999-04-18
EC Galax Akna, OCI b 24, 1999-08-22
Northalla Granite, OCI b 24, 2012-04-22, FI/FIPR Rollick Octavarium, OCI b 24, 2010-10-31, FI/FIEC BlueNote Herr Dr. Neuhaus, OCI b 24, 2004-11-16Moosegrove Adonis, OCI bs 24, 2002-04-12
BlueNote Cashmere Mist, OCI bs 24, 2003-03-17
SC Silvercomet Lady Diana, DVM, OCI b 24, 2007-06-20Libitum Super Blackbird, OCI bs 24, 2005-12-29
EC Guttatus Basia Mille, OCI b 24, 2004-04-13
Topspot Lonestar, OCI n 24, 2011-03-11, FI/FIMoosegrove FenixFernando JR, OCI n 24, 2006-12-27Moosegrove Fenix Fernando, OCI n 24, 2005-11-24
Mendels Freya of Moosegrove, OCI b 24
Topspot Miraminda, OCI b 24, 2009-11-29SC Topspot Rum Tum Tugger, OCI b 24, 2007-10-22, FI/FI
SC Sea Coon’s Wendy, JW, DVM, OCI n 24, DK/FI


Northalla Whitewater (Wilson)

Kissan tiedot Procat-tietokannassa
ebony silver spotted male (OCI ns 24)
owner Tiina Härkälä, Pori
Wilson stays with his mom Klaara and housecat Kirppu.

Northalla Springwater (Hiski / Patu)

Kissan tiedot Procat-tietokannassa
ebony silver spotted male (OCI ns 24)
owner Inga ja Marko Annala, Tampere
Hiski and his brother Tomu moved in together with the Annala family.

Northalla Sweetwater (Yoda / Soma)

Kissan tiedot Procat-tietokannassa
tawnyspotted female (OCI n 24)
owner Emilia Suhonen, Helsinki
Yoda moved in with Ami, blue spotted ocicat lady, and they became best friends ever.

Northalla Groundwater (Tomu / Cosmo)

Kissan tiedot Procat-tietokannassa
tawny spotted male (OCI n 24)
owner Inga ja Marko Annala, Tampere
We are very thankful that Tomu and Hiski get to live together – a real jackpot for both brothers. The siblings tend to make lifelong friends.

Water Litter, age 3 months (photo: Tessa.lv) From left: Hiski, Wilson, Yoda, Tomu. More photos here. Also in our facebook album there are more phitos of the Water Litter (you don’t need to be logged in t facebook to see photos).