In memoriam

Although I don’t know where you are
I know how to find you.
The places where I look for you
are my heart and memories.


Leo (GIC FI*Northalla Viking Bronze)

chocolate silver spotted male
s. 26.5.2008

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Leo was a BIG and handsome, our long-tailed snow leopard. At the age of 1,5 years and weight of 6,5 kg (all bones and muscle) he received Ocicat ry’s special reward of biggest ocicat male. Leo had most tender and very kind character, often a bit shy but always nice. Leo was papa’s little boy, and he went everywhere with Jari



Tara, GIC FI*Topspot LoneStar
Tara was our sweet and beloved fitness princess. She was a good-sized, muscular lady with exceptionally beautiful green eyes and wild OCI look. Tara’s speciality was very loud and almost non-stopping PURRING, by which she has enchanted all humans and cats in our family. Mama’s little Tara, an active and lovable cat, was the mother of Northalla Rock litter. Thanks to Maija Markelin (FI*Topspot cattery) for trusting this little Miss Sunshine to us.



We adopted long-haired housecat Pörri together with his old friend Miuku from cat rescue called Kissakoti Kattila in 2005. At the time Pörri was 10 years old.



Short-haired black-and-white housecat Miuku moved in with us at the same time as his friend Pörri. Miuku was 11 years old then. Both gentlemen lived until old age, Miuku over 19.5 years and Pörri over 18.5 years. Both had some common old-age problems, but could still live happily with the help of medication and correct diet.