Fire Litter 2014

Fire Litter

born 27.6.2014

sire: IC Northalla Blackbeard “Gubbe”, OCI ns 24
dam: IC Northalla Peridotite “Lily”, OCI b 24

The Fire Litter is the first one for both the father Gubbe and the mother Lily. Furthermore, it’s the first litter where both parents are our own offspring. Lily is an excellent mother, just like her mom Tara. In the early hours of her due date, Lily gave birth to two boys:

  • Northalla Wildfire “Batu”, tawny spotted male
  • Northalla Bonfire “Nemo”, chocolate spotted male

The litter’s theme, fire, is a natural addition to our element litters group. The name Bonfire is also a tribute to the kittens’ father’s mother’s father, Halifax Bonfire.

[expand title=”Pedigree of the Fire Litter”]
coefficient of inbreeding:
0.0% (4) – 1.5% (6) – 3.1% (8) – 4.6% (10)
ancestor loss coefficient:
100% (4) – 85.7% (6) – 54.5% (8) – 27.2% (10)
Northalla Blackbeard, OCI ns 24, 2013-04-17 (FI/FI)SC Rollick Be Quick Or Be Dead, OCI ns 24, 2007-05-19 (FI/FI)CH Martinic Higher Than Hope, OCI b 24 (FI/FI)Recknagel Tomhänks, OCI o 24 (FI/FI)
Kittelän First Class Lady, OCI b 24 (FI/FI)
Rollick God Rockin’ Tonight, OCI ns 24 (FI/FI)GIC BlueNote Kid Creole, OCI ns 24 (FI/FI)
Spotcat’s Mellow Serenade, OCI cs 24 (FI/FI)
GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin, OCI ns 24, 2011-11-03 (NL/FI)Halifax Bonfire, OCI o 24 (SE/NL)Softtail, OCI b 24 (SE/-)
PR&EC Halifax Zelda, OCI o 24 (NO/FI)
Withywindle’s Bubbling, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL)Escoburg’s Black Beauty, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL)
Draga Pisicâ Farah Diba, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL)
Northalla Peridotite, OCI b 24, 2012-04-22 (FI/FI)PR Rollick Octavarium, OCI b 24, 2010-10-31, FI/FIEC BlueNote Herr Dr. Neuhaus, OCI b 24, 2004-11-16Moosegrove Adonis, OCI bs 24, 2002-04-12
BlueNote Cashmere Mist, OCI bs 24, 2003-03-17
SC Silvercomet Lady Diana, DVM, OCI b 24, 2007-06-20Libitum Super Blackbird, OCI bs 24, 2005-12-29
EC Guttatus Basia Mille, OCI b 24, 2004-04-13
Topspot Lonestar, OCI n 24, 2011-03-11, FI/FIMoosegrove FenixFernando JR, OCI n 24, 2006-12-27Moosegrove Fenix Fernando, OCI n 24, 2005-11-24
Mendels Freya of Moosegrove, OCI b 24
CH Topspot Miraminda, OCI b 24 (FI/FI)SC Topspot Rum Tum Tugger, OCI b 24 (FI/FI)
SC Sea Coon´s Wendy, JW, DVM, OCI n 24 (DK/FI)


Northalla Wildfire (Batu)

cat’s information on Procat
tawny spotted male (OCI n 24)
owner: Miska Huttunen
Batu lives in Hämeenlinna with Huttunen familuy, and his new best friend, siberian cat Aslan.

Northalla Bonfire (Nemo)

cat’s information on Procat
chocolate spotted male (OCI b 24)
owner: Minna & Reijo Moisanen
Nemo lives with Moisanen family in Turku with lavender spotted ocicat male Nono.

Wildfire "Patu" 6 viikkoa/weeks

Wildfire “Batu”


Bonfire “Nemo”

Parents of the Fire Litter


  • Sire: Northalla Blackbeard “Gubbe”, ebony silver spotted male, born 17.4.2013. Tested negative for FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc, PK. Blood type A. Carrier of chocolate color.
  • Dam: IC Northalla Peridotite “Lily”, chocolate spotted female, born 22.4.2012. Tested negative for FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc, PK. Blood type A. Carrier of cinnamon color.

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