Peculiar eye color

Batu is a tawny spotted castrated male Ocicat, born in June 2014. Recently I’ve received photos of Batu from his owners, showing that his eye color has slowly within the last year turned from yellow-green to blue! The gradual change has begun at the age of 2 years and progressed within a year.

Some photos below showing Batu’s original eye color and change to blue. Many thanks to the Huttunen family for all these pics!


According to the vet, there’s nothing wrong with Batu. His eyesight is normal. He went to see a specialist veterinarian whose expertise if diseases related to the eye. Batu’s intra-ocular pressures were normal, and his eyes completely fine.

Neither of Batu’s parents carries the siamese masking gene, and all five Batu’s full siblings have normal eye color, yellow or green, as the parents do.

I would be interested to learn other breeders’ (also other than the Ocicat breed) experiences about the changing of the eye color. Is there an explanation to this other than the natural diversity? There are darker spots in both Batu’s eyes, seems that the pigment has gathered there.

Batu is a happy and beloved cat – and quite stunning looking with his unique blue eyes!