The second litter of Gubbe and Lily was born on 15th November, 2015. The theme of this litter is air. There are three girls (chocolate, tawny and chocolate silver spotted) and one boy (chocolate spotted) in the litter. All kittens have been very lively and well growing. The kittens got already their FIFe/Kissaliitto […]

Air Litter

Lily and Gubbe’s sunday children were born after sunset on 15th November, 2015. There are four kittens, one boy and three girls. The girls are chocolate, chocolate silver and tawny spotted. The boy is chocolate spotted. (We might change this statement about genders and colors later on – sometimes what […]

November kittens are here

Feeding of the cats… one of my favorite topics. We feed our cats mainly with raw food, which is basicly meat containing bones. According to all the information we’ve learned it’s the healthiest diet for the cats. There are a lot of information sources in the internet about BARF (Bones And […]

Raw meat

Last time we were talking about tawny spotted Ocicats. Let’s now balance the situation a bit with some chocolates spotted Ocicat photos. The above dancer is Ansa (PR Topspot Angela The Knowing), she is a 6.5years old spayed female ocicat. Her playfulness certainly hasn’t decreased during the years.

Ansa’s dance

Greetings for all the friends of tawny spotted Ocicats! So far, there have been five tawny spotted kittens in the Northalla litters: Dora and Rokka of the Rock Litter, Yoda and Tomu of the Water Litter, and Patu of the Fire Litter. All these are kittens or grand-kittens of our […]

Tawny spotted greetings

August is the other “hot” season for cats on our latitudes. Because of the ratio of the light and dark, many queens come in heat in August-September and springtime in March-April. Also entire adult males may have hormonal surges, leading to spraying (marking territory), yodeling for females and oily tail/coat […]

Kittens in October