This time of the year, there is hardly anything for the cats to munch on when we go harnessing on our yard. Only some yellow grass and remains of the last summer’s catnip. We got an inspiration from this video, shared by Suomen Kissaliitto. I didn’t remember that you can […]

Spring munchies

Although two suicidal blue tits have found their ways inside our house during the past years, the mice have been too smart to enter the house of five Ocicats. Sometimes we hear the mice move inside the wall structures or in the attic, and the cats are following their movements […]


Ocicat male Gubbe
The sun is really nice and warming already. After only five minutes in the sunny spot, and the cat’s fur is hot to touch. Still, somehow it doesn’t seem like the cats would be charging their batteries in the sun, but seems like that it makes the cats drowsy… I […]

Spring sun

ocicat Ansa eating oat and barley shoots
Outside the grass is not growing yet, but inside we have a fine new set of oat and barley shoots for the cats. Especially Ansa rejoices in the new salad bar. The new grass kit is good because the grid on the top stops the cats from digging the soil. However, […]

Grass green spring