Presenting: the Bubble Litter

The litter of Helmi and Calippo has been named. The theme this time is sparkling, bubbling, fizzing drinks. We think the theme fits nicely to the spring season with all the celebrations, and to the lively, blond, silver ocicat kittens. The idea emerged when Tiina (the foster mommy of Helmi) and I popped a champagne bottle after Helmi had given birth to the kittens and we were assured all was fine. The names Laurent and Perrier didn’t get selected, but the kittens are…

Northalla Sparkling
Northalla Bubbling
Northalla Fizzing

Northalla Sparkling is the first born, slightly darker one of the chocolate silver spotted boys. The name Sparkling comes from sparkling wine obviously, but also means producing little flashes of light, bright and lively, performing very well.  Sounds good, doesn’t it? The nickname for this boy is Jalo, which is a Finnish man’s name, having also the meaning on noble, high-minded.

Northalla Bubbling is the ebony silver spotted girl. The name is a tribute to the kitten’s late great-grandmother, Withywindle’s Bubbling a.k.a. Bubbles. I got to meet Ulpu’s mother Bubbles once, when I was in Holland picking Ulpu up to her new home in Finland. Bubbling means producing bubbles. Her nickname is Ruusu, Finnish word for rose. I guess we had pink-colored rosé champagne bubbles in our dreams when coming up with he nickname.

Northalla Fizzing is the junior, lighter chocolate silver spotted boy.  Fizzing means the sound of little bubbles emerging to surface. The nickname of the junior boy is Taito, a Finnish man’s name which also means skill or talent. This little guy indeed has good skills to find the best nipple and to conquer it from his siblings. You don’t have to take my word – check out the pictures below, Taito is the one with the biggest belly!

Photos: Tiina Mäkelä