Our tenth litter

Our tenth ocicat litter was born last night. The tenth FI*Northalla  litter consists of two boys and one girl. We will add a more detailed description of all kittens later on our kittens page.

The litter was the second one for mommy Helmi (CH FI*Northalla Granuaile) and the first one for daddy Calippo (CH SE*OzzySpot’s Calippo Ize). In the photos also Helmi’s daughter Moona (IC FI*Northalla Moonlight) from her first litter is helping out with the baby care. Moona should also have had a litter by now, but unfortunately there was a miscarriage. However, Moona herself has been fine all the time and she was checked by the vet. Now she gets to have her portion of the baby hassle by being a sweet and caring big sister.

We had our breeder name approved in the spring 2009 and the first Northalla litter was born in May 2009. Until now, we have 10 litters, total 34 kittens in them, which translates to average litter size of 3.4. Gender distribution is 16 females, 18 males. The color distribution is illustrated in the chart below.

BTW, did you know you can search finnish FIFe/Kissaliitto registered cats from Kissaliitto’s Omakissa portal?