Finnish ocicat club Ocicat ry is gathering information about ocicats’ age and life span, in order to gather information about the life span of the ocicats. There is no existing statistics about average life span of ocicats  at least we’re not aware of such. According to breeders, ocicats tend to have similar life span as any other cat regardless of the breed. The ocicat breed has existed since 1960’s, and we have had ocicats in Finland for over 20 years so it would be very good to gather real information about the ocicats’ lifetime now. For sure this information would be interesting for all of us who have the pleasure of living with ocicats. And people who are new to the ocicat breed would most likely find this info useful, too.

The gallup is very short and quick to answer, so please participate today! Ocicat ry is welcoming information about both living ocicats and deceased ocicats. Please insert the info about your cats here!


Thank you for participating and sharing your valuable info!