No November kittens for Moona

Unfortunately we don’t have a newborn litter now. We were expecting Moona (IC Northalla Moonlight) and Calippo’s (CH Ozzyspot’s Calippo Ize) litter to be born in these days. Moona was scanned by ultrasound three weeks after the mating and she had a few embryos in her womb. But something has happened and the pregnancy was interrupted somewhere along the road. Moona was scanned again and the vet saw no trace of the kittens; however Moona herself seems healthy and normal.

Things like this may happen as the cats are not kitten automats, and Mother Nature decides ultimately how she wants to carry on the breeder’s plans. We’re sorry that people who are on our waiting list have to accept this disappointment.

We will try again with Moona after negotiating with Moona’s veterinarian, but the schedule for this has not been decided yet. In addition to new try with Moona, we are planning a third litter for lady Ulpu, and the first litter of young lady Elsi. These are planned for spring and autumn 2017, respectively.