Presenting the Corvus litter

We’ve had an eventful and wonderful week! On Thursday 16th October 2014, Ulpu and Juno’s litter was born late in the evening. Five days later Helmi and Hiski’s litter followed – but I’m going to write a separate post about that litter later on, and now we’ll concentrate on Ulpu and Juno’s kittens.

There are four Ocicat kittens in the litter: two chocolate silver spotted girls, a tawny spotted girl and a tawny spotted boy. The delivery went quickly and just fine, despite the fact that all kittens were quite large. Two of them weighed 114 grams, which is a new Northalla record. The kittens have been growing nicely, and at the age of 7 days two of them are starting to open their eyes.

The theme of this litter… Well, we had thought other themes, but listening to Juno’s extraordinary meowing, we begin to think of something which kinda sticked to our minds. Bird of the Corvus genus!

If you can’t view the video above click here to view it on Youtube.
To be more exact, the kittens are named after Corvus genus birds that are found in Finland.  May we present you the Corvus litter (all photos Eveliina Laine):


kuva: Wikipedia

Crow. photo: Wikipedia

FI*Northalla Corvus Corone (crow), nickname “Tyyne”

chocolate silver spotted girl

The first born kitten is a girl, 114 grams and very sturdy body form. Tyyne seems to resemble his father Juno quite a lot, and we expect her to grow up to be just as annoying but lovable as Juno! 😉

kuva: Wikipedia

Rook. photo: Wikipedia

FI*Northalla Corvus Frugilegus (rook), nickname “Iipi”

tawny spotted girl

The second kitten is a tawny spotted girl, who seems more like her mother Ulpu. Iipi is a calm girl whos birth weight was 97 grams.

kuva: Wikipedia

Jackdaw. photo: Wikipedia

FI*Northalla Corvus Monedula (jackdaw), nickname “Naga”

chocolate silver spotted girl

Third kitten was again a chocolate silver spotted girl, not quite as big as Tyyne but her 105 grams weight was still very good. She has a bit warmer color than her sister.

kuva: Wikipedia

Raven. photo: Wikipedia

FI*Northalla Corvus Corax (raven), nickname “Roco”

tawny spotted boy

Last but not least, a tawny spotted boy with interesting tail; halfway spotted and halfway striped. He weighed 114 grams at birth, warm and dark color like his sister Iipi.

At the age of one week, the little Corvidae look like this:

6 päivää

Tyyne, Iipi, Roco & Naga

6 päivää 2

Roco, Naga, Iipi, Tyyne

Photos by Eveliina Laine. Click the photos to view a bigger version. As you see, all have been enjoying Ulpu’s milk bar well enough! The kittens weighed at the age of one week 203-239 grams, smallest being the tawny girl Iipi and biggest Tyyne and Roco. These two appear to have a tight contest breaking Northalla kittens weight records… Well, breaking the records is not important, but it’s great to notice that there is plenty of milk for all kittens, and that all of the kittens are doing great!