Rock Litter 2012

Rock Litter

born 22.4.2012

sire: Rollick Octavarium “Roope”, OCI b 24
dam: IC Topspot LoneStar “Tara”, OCI n 24

Rock Litter was Tara’s first. Tara was a natural born mommy, she gave birth quick and easy. She started nursing without problems and all the kittens started to grow rapidly. Five kittens of the Rock Litter are:

  • Northalla Sandstone “Tara Jr. / Sissi”, chocolate spotted female
  • Northalla Peridotite “Lily / Perri”, chocolate spotted female
  • Northalla Basalt “Rokka / Babar”, tawny spotted male
  • Northalla Granite “Klaara”, chocolate spotted female
  • Northalla Diorite “Dora”, tawny spotted female


[expand title=”Rock Litter pedigree”]
coefficient of inbreeding:
0.8% (4) – 1.3% (6) – 1.9% (8) – 4.0% (10)
ancestor loss coefficient:
95.8% (4) – 88.0% (6) – 61.0% (8) – 30.5% (10)
Rollick Octavarium, OCI b 24, 2010-10-31 (FI/FI) EC BlueNote Herr Dr. Neuhaus, OCI b 24 (FI/FI) IC Moosegrove Adonis, OCI bs 24 (FI/FI) Ginie’s Ariel, OCI ps 24 (FI/FI)
CH Ginie’s Fiona, OCI n 24 (FI/FI)
BlueNote Cashmere Mist, OCI bs 24 (FI/FI) EC, EP Guttatus Silver Act of God, OCI ns 24 (FI/FI)
BlueNote New Orleans Saint, OCI c 24 (FI/-)
SC Silvercomet Lady Diana, DVM, OCI b 24 (FI/FI) Libitum Super Blackbird, OCI bs 24 (NO/FI) Milwaukee´s Vanilla Fudge, OCI os 24 (SE/NO)
KayJays Airborne Beauty, OCI b 24 (NZ/NO)
EC Guttatus Basia Mille, DM, OCI b 24 (FI/FI) EC Martinic Straight Flush, DM, OCI b 24 (FI/FI)
EC Galax Akna, OCI b 24 (FI/FI)
Topspot LoneStar, OCI n 24, 2011-03-11 (FI/FI) SC, PR Moosegrove FenixFernando JR, OCI n 24 (FI/FI) Moosegrove Fenix Fernando, OCI n 24 (FI/FI) GIP Topspot Magique du Noel, JW, OCI b 24 (FI/FI)
CH Ginie’s Fiona, OCI n 24 (FI/FI)
CH Mendels Freya of Moosegrove, DM, OCI b 24 (NO/FI) Megabites Lotus, OCI n 24 (SE/-)
Solefall Bebel, OCI b 25 (NO/-)
CH Topspot Miraminda, OCI b 24 (FI/FI) SC Topspot Rum Tum Tugger, OCI b 24 (FI/FI) Galax Lucky Luke, OCI o 24 (FI/FI)
EC, SP Guttatus Angel of Harlem, OCI c 24 (FI/FI)
SC Sea Coon´s Wendy, JW, DVM, OCI n 24 (DK/FI) Kadir Oci van Diem, OCI b 24 (NL/-)
Kisangani Chinue Cindy, OCI n 24 (DK/-)


Northalla Sandstone (Tara Jr. / Sissi)

Cat’s information at Procat database
chocolate spotted female (OCI b 24)
owners Maria & Teemu Karjaluoto, Jyväskylä
Tara Jr. enjoys her days as the only cat so far, but she has a sweet dog friend Manna.

Northalla Peridotite (Lily / Perri)

Cat’s information at Procat database
chocolate spotted female (OCI b 24)
owned ny Northalla cattery, lives with Maarit Koskinen, Toijala
Lily lives with her father Roope, and she is a real daddy’s girl. In addition there are three fabulous house cats Lyyli, Aapo and Otto.

Northalla Basalt (Rokka / Babar)

Cat’s information at Procat database
tawny spotted male (OCI n 24)
owner Sanna Bengtström, Espoo
Rokka lives with his ocicat companion Hani, and together thesw tawny spotted wild boys keep the live of their family varied and interesting.

Northalla Granite (Klaara)

Cat’s information at Procat database
chocolate spotted female (OCI b 24)
owned ny Northalla cattery, lives with Tiina Härkälä, Pori
In Klaara’s family there is a housecat Kirppu, and in addition two dogs Ressu and Alex.

Northalla Diorite (Dora)

Cat’s information at Procat database
tawny spotted female (OCI n 24)
owner Jenni Peltola, Tampere
Dora gets to be the only cat in her home, but she meets weeksly with her owner’s parents’ cat Frodo, whom Dora has already tamed, so to speak.

Rock litter 12 weeks old. More pics here!