Metal Litter 2009

Metal Litter

born on 26.5.2009

sire: CH PikesPeak Antonio Banderas “Toni”, OCI ns 24
dam: IP FIN*Topspot Nasuada The Capable “Nasu”, OCI b 24


[expand title=”Metal Litter pedigree”]
coefficient of inbreeding:
0.0% (4) – 0.1% (6) – 1.9% (8) – 3.4% (10)
ancestor loss coefficient:
100.0% (4) – 95.2% (6) – 70.1% (8) – 33.0% (10)
CH PikesPeak Antonio Banderas, OCI ns 24, 2007-04-01 (US)GC, RW PikesPeak Silver Lining, OCI ns 24, 2006-05-22 (US)GC, RW Sunstone Sierra Leone of PikesPeak, OCI bs 24, 2004-05-08 (US)GC, TGC Sunstone J S Giguere, OCI bs 24, 2003-03-10 (US)
GC Sunstone Plum Wild, OCI c 24, 2002-07-03 (US)
CH Chisholm Trail Dotty of PikesPeak, DM, OCI n 24, 2001-07-05 (US)Speckledband’s Silverado of Chisholm Trail, OCI ns 24
Chisholm Trail’s Ciar Dhu, OCI ns (US)
CH Chisholm Trl Ice-A-Hoppin DM, OCI bs 24, 2002-03-26 (US)CH Mr Thunderheart, OCI o 24, 1996-03-09Reno’s Thunder, OCI b 24
Junglespots Swift Arrow, OCI n 24
Late Night Four O’Clock Hop, OCI ns 24, 1998-05-21GC Techichimec Koyemsi of Late Night, OCI bs 24, 1997-03-30
CH Late Night With Jezebelle, OCI n 24, 1995-11-21
Topspot Nasuada the Capable, OCI b 24, 2008-02-16 (FI)Anórien’s Walk thru the Fire, OCI n 24, 2008-01-23 (FI)Dream Tigers Antares, OCI n 24, 2005-04-28 (DE)Neuspots Skimble of Dream Tigers, OCI as 25, 2003-10-14 (CA)
Dream Tigers Adunnee, OCI n 25 (DE)
Dream Tigers Emotion, OCI p 24, 2006-02-21 (DE)Chisholm Trail Fireball, OCI o 24, 2004-05-22 (US)
Chisholm Trail Now or Never, OCI n 25, (US)
IC Topspot Lindy Hop, OCI b 24, 2006-05-07 (FI)Galax Lucky Luke, OCI o 24, 1996-06-21 (FI)CH Saga Reno Kid, OCI b 24, 1994-04-20 (US)
Sunny Shooting Star, OCI n 24 (US)
EC, SP Guttatus Wintergust Wonder, DM, OCI c 24, 2003-12-11 (FI)EC, PR Guttatus Silver Act of God, OCI ns 24, 2001-12-18 (FI)
EC, SP Guttatus Angel of Harlem, OCI c 24, 2002-09-25


GIC FIN*Northalla Viking Bronze (Leo)

Cat’s information at Procat database
chocolate silver spotted male (OCI bs 24)
owners Ulla Haapanen & Jari Hopsu, Tampere
When Leo was born, he melted our hearts so we could not sell him. The very first Northalla kitten ever born lives with us. Leo has sired one litter before he was neutered, for Finnish breeder Riddle.

FIN*Northalla Medieval Steel (Teris, Supni)

Cat’s information at Procat database
blue spotted male (OCI a 24)
owners Kati & Aarne Vesa, Pirkkala
Supni (we called him Teris) lives with a nice family, with many cat friends.

FIN*Northalla Ancient Silver (Lilli)

Cat’s information at Procat database
ebony silver spotted female (OCI ns 24)
owner Maria Vahokoski, Turku
Lilli lives with Maria and Antti’s family in Turku, they also have chocolate silver spotted ocicat Rauli who is Lilli’s best pal. We intended to breed with Lilli, but unfortunately at the age of 1 year a small knick in her tail was discovered.

Above pic: Nasu mama with her 10-week-old kittens. Leftmost: Teris, in the middle: Lilli, rightmost: Leo.
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