Corvidae Litter 2014

Corvidae Litter

born 16-Oct-2014

sire: SC Northalla Juniper “Juno”, OCI b 24
dam: GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin “Ulpu”, OCI ns 24

The Corvidae Litter we had planned already when importing Ulpu from Holland in early spring 2012. Juno and Ulpu live in the same household, so this was also a true love litter. This litter was the second one for Ulpu, whereas Juno had previously sired already two litters, for different catteries. Ulpu gave birth to four wonderful kittens:

  • Northalla Corvus Corone “Tyyne”, chocolate silver spotted female
  • Northalla Corvus Frugilegus “Iipi”, tawny spotted female
  • Northalla Corvus Monedula “Naga”, chocolate silver spotted female
  • Northalla Corvus Corax “Roco”, tawny spotted male

The litter’s theme, crow birds / Corvidae , was selected to honour Juno’s very personal voice :-). Read more of the theme and names here.

Pedigree of the Corvidae Litter

coefficient of inbreeding:
0.0% (4) – 0.7% (6) – 1.7% (8) – 2.7% (10)
ancestor loss coefficient:
100.0% (4) – 92.1% (6) – 60.6% (8) – 28.2% (10)
SC Northalla Juniper, M, OCI b 24, 2009-09-19 (FI/FI) SC Rollick Perfect Dark, OCI n 24, 2006-08-21, FI/FI GIC Recknagel Tomhanks, OCI o 24, 2004-10-22 Moosegrove Bocado Exquisito, OCI n 24, 2003-02-12
EC DM Quan Ah-Choo ! DM, OCI b 24, 2001-01-18
Kittelan First Class Lady, OCI b 24, 2002-11-07 EC Galax Iron Maiden, OCI c 24, 1997-11-08
Recknagel Jeimiliikootis, OCI b 24, 2000-11-24
PR Topspot Angela the Knowing, OCI b 24, 2008-02-16 (FI/FI) Anórien’s Walk Thru the Fire, OCI n 24, 2008-01-23 (FI/FI) Dream Tigers Antares, OCI n 24, 2005-04-28
Dream Tigers Emotion, OCI p 24, 2006-02-21
IC Topspot Lindy Hop, OCI b 24, 2006-05-07 Galax Lucky Luke, OCI o 24, 1996-06-21
SP, EC Guttatus Wintergust Wonder, DM, OCI c 24, 2003-12-11
GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin, OCI ns 24, 2011-11-03 (NL/FI) Halifax Bonfire, OCI o 24 (SE/NL) Softtail, OCI b 24 (SE/-) CH Lipoère Gamay, OCI b 24 (SE/-)
IC Halifax Black Rose, OCI n 24 (SE/-)
PR&EC Halifax Zelda, OCI o 24 (NO/FI) EC Wild Rain Night Storm, OCI n 24 (US/SE)
CH Halifax Alexis, OCI b 25 (SE/-)
Withywindle’s Bubbling, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL) Escoburg’s Black Beauty, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL) Moirai Sensation 2005, OCI bs 24 (US/-)
Anórien’s Alviarin, OCI ns 24 (FI/NL)
Draga Pisicâ Farah Diba, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL) Auxarcs Mr. Darcy, OCI b 24 (US/-)
Ezra Oci van Diem, OCI n 24 (NL/NL)

Northalla Corvus Corone (Tyyne)

cat’s information on Procat
chocolate silver spotted female (OCI bs 24)
owner: Sini Petranen, Lappeenranta, FI*Punakuun

Tyyne moved in with ocicat ladies Usva and Afri, and housecat male Urpo. Her new owner is FI*Punakuun ocicat breeder, and we hope Tyyne will give healthy and beautiful offspring to Punakuun cattery in the future!

Northalla Corvus Frugilegus (Iipi)

cat’s information on Procat
tawny spotted female (OCI n 24)
owner: Hanna-Mari Kivakka & Antti Ahonen, Vantaa

Iipi’s new best friend is 6 years older sphynx male Puma.

Northalla Corvus Monedula (Naga)

cat’s information on Procat
chocolate silver spotted female (OCI bs 24)
owner:  Anna-Kaisa Heinäaro, Lohja

Naga moved in with Samu of the Light Litter. They share their new home with two small dogs.

Northalla Corvus Corax (Roco)

cat’s information on Procat
tawny spotted male (OCI n 24)
owner: Sari Moilanen, Helsinki

Roco gets to move in with Calippo, a young ocicat boy. We are delighted that Sari has provided a loving and ideal home for both these little rascals, and hope that they don’t totally wreck her place! 🙂

Parents of the Corvidae Litter

  • Sire: SC Northalla Juniper “Juno”, chocolate spotted male, born 19-Sep-2009. Tested negative for FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc, PK. Blood type A. Carrier of chocolate color.
  • Dam: GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin “Ulpu”, ebony silver spotted female, born 3-Nov-2011. Tested negative for FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc, PK. Blood type A. Carrier of cinnamon color.

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