Bubble Litter 2016

born 19-Apr-2016

sire: CH SE*OzzySpot’s Calippo Ize “Calippo”, OCI bs 24
dam: CH FI*Northalla Granuaile “Helmi”, OCI ns 24

The Bubble Litter is the first one for daddy Calippo, and the second one for mommy Helmi. Named after bubbling drinks consumed in the spring party season, the Bubble Litter comprises of three adorable ocicat kittens:

  • FI*Northalla Sparkling “Jalo”, chocolate silver spotted male
  • FI*Northalla Bubbling “Ruusu”, ebony silver spotted female
  • FI*Northalla Fizzing “Taito/Torsti”, chocolate silver spotted male
[expand title=”Pedigree of the Bubble Litter“]
0.0% (4) – 0.0% (6) – 0.1% (8) – 0.8% (10)
100% (4) – 92.9% (6) – 68.0% (8) – 34.8% (10)
CH OzzySpot’s Calippo Ize, OCI bs 24, 2014-07-26 (SE/FI) PikesPeak Boy Junior of Meulicats, OCI ns 24, 9.3.2012, US/NL Chisholm Trl Ramon of PikesPeak, OCI ns 24, 9.11.2009, US/- RW SGC Chisholm Trl Wind Wolfe, OCI o 24, 29.3.2008, US/-
CH Dreamsong Snow Fly of Chisholm Trl, OCI as 24, 11.8.2007
CH PikesPeak Dona Sofia, OCI b 24, 5.8.2008, US/- GC Sunstone United 93 of PikesPeak, OCI b 24, 11.9.2007
GC, GP PikesPeak Dona Isabel, OCI n 24, 1.4.2007
Jumpnspots Bambi Butterfly, OCI bs 24, 20.7.2012, US/SE Chisholm Trl Spin It Again, OCI bs 24, 21.2.2011, US/US CH Chisholm Trl Beso, OCI os 24, 9.11.2009, US/US
QGC Chisholm Trl Spin Play, OCI ns 24, 4.10.2009, US/-
Jumpnspots Lexie Koba, OCI b 24, 14.2.2008 Azhot-Spots Shark Attack, OCI b 24, 10.6.2002
Speckledband Lilly Rose, OCI b 24, 15.2.2005
CH Northalla Granuaile, OCI ns 24, 2011-11-03 (FI/FI) SC Rollick Be Quick Or Be Dead, OCI ns 24, 2007-05-19 (FI/FI) CH Martinic Higher Than Hope, OCI b 24 (FI/FI) Recknagel Tomhänks, OCI o 24 (FI/FI)
Kittelän First Class Lady, OCI b 24 (FI/FI)
Rollick God Rockin’ Tonight, OCI ns 24 (FI/FI) GIC BlueNote Kid Creole, OCI ns 24 (FI/FI)
Spotcat’s Mellow Serenade, OCI cs 24 (FI/FI)
GIC Mitha Goobita Yangatin, OCI ns 24, 2011-11-03 (NL/FI) Halifax Bonfire, OCI o 24 (SE/NL) Softtail, OCI b 24 (SE/-)
PR&EC Halifax Zelda, OCI o 24 (NO/FI)
Withywindle’s Bubbling, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL) Escoburg’s Black Beauty, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL)
Draga Pisicâ Farah Diba, OCI ns 24 (NL/NL)


Northalla Sparkling (Jalo)

cat’s info on Procat

chocolate silver spotted male (OCI bs 24)
owner: Johanna Niskanen
Jalo lives in Jyväskylä with Armas the abyssinian as his best buddy. The blog of Jalo and Armas (in Finnish)

Northalla Bubbling (Ruusu)

cat’s info on Procat
ebony silver spotted female (OCI ns 24)
owner: Taru Sarkiola
Princess Ruusu lives a full and spoiled ocicat life in Turku, ocicats Hercules, Hertta and Jörö as her friends.

Northalla Fizzing (Torsti)

cat’s info on Procat
chocolate silver spotted male (OCI bs 24)
owner: Marjo Vormisto, FI*Guttatus cattery
Torsti is the future fiance for some of the Guttatus cattery’s lovely queens. Torsti lives in Jämsä in a foster home with Killi, an ocicat lady.

Parents of the Bubble Litter

  • Sire: CH SE*OzzySpot’s Calippo Ize “Calippo”, chocolate silver spotted male, born 26-Jul-2014. Tests clear/negative: FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc (based on his parents), dermatophytes. Blood type A.
  • Dam: CH FI*Northalla Granuaile “Helmi”, ebony silver spotted female, born 17-Apr-2013. Tests clear/negative: FIV, FeLV, PRA-rdAc, PK, dermatophytes. Blood type A. Carries cinnamon.