Litters expected and planned for year 2024

It is most important to us that all our kittens grow in normal, happy homes with people taking good care of them. At the moment, we have one intact and three neutered/sterilized Ocicats living at our home, and two breeding females placed in good foster homes. We don’t want to overload the cat population at our home, and on the other hand do not want to place our retired, neutered cats to new homes. People are always welcome to visit us to meet us and our cats!

We breed with healthy ocicats with nice temperaments. We test for FIV and FeLV and have our breeding cats blood typed. Our home and foster homes are tested for dermatophytes regularily. We also have our breeding cats’ hearts ultrasound scanned and test for PRA and PK as needed.

Finland litter born 6th Dec 2023

At last, we have kittens again! Tipsu’s litter was born on Finland’s Independence day. There are four beautiful spotted kittens in the Finland litter.

Sire: FI*SonSon Mountain’s Majesty, XSH ns 22 (OCI)
Dam: FI*Anörien’s Triss Merigold, OCI o 24

This litter is a special one, for the sire is a product of crossbreeding on Kissaliitto (Finnish FIFe member) permission, in order to bring variability to the Ocicat gene pool. Beppe’s (FI*SonSon Mountain’s Majesty) father is an American Shorthair cat, and his mother is an Ocicat. Also the pairing of Beppe x Tipsu has been done with Permission from Kissaliitto/FIFe. Very big and heartfelt thanks for cooperation and trust, FI*SonSon cattery and Outi!

These kittens will get their first pedigree certificates from Kissaliitto with EMS code XSH (OCI), which means non-recognized shorthair breed with target breed Ocicat. It is possible to re-register the kittens as Ocicats as per FIFe Breeding and Registration rules chapter 9.1.3.

The Finland Litter is growing in a foster home in Tampere.

2 chocolate silver spotted tabby boys
1 ebony silver spotted tabby boy
1 blue silver spotted tabby girl

Maisa’s litter expected in the coming spring

FI*Vinkeä Metka-Maisa

IC FI*Northalla Smaug of Erebor

We hope that our ebony silver spotted queen Maisa (FI*Vinkeä Metka-Maisa) will have a litter in early spring 2024. The sire is our own offspring Maukka (IC FI*Northalla Smaug of Erebor).

Would you like to adopt a Northalla ocicat kitten?

We value most the health and well-beign of the cats. Our breeding females and males are always tested for contagious diseases (FIV, FeLV, microsporum canis) and blood typed. We aim in checking the lines of the breeding cats as well as possible, in order to choose a good match of female and male cat.

Our cats share the same space as the humans, and they accompany us in everyday living at home, and even share our bed if they so wish (and they almost always do). Also the kittens are used to our normal daily routines and they will be socialized so that it’s quite easy for them to get accustomed to their new homes.

The kittens will be ready for their new homes at the age of 14-16 weeks or later, dewormed, and vaccinated for cat flu and panleukopenia. Other vaccinations can be agreed. Usually we don’t sell a kitten before the owner candidate has visited us but for people living in other countries we are more flexible. We would like to learn to know the owner(s) of our kitten so that we can be sure that the kitten has a reliable and good home. We offer our life-long support to the new owner(s) – the life span of the ocicat can be up to 15-20 years. You can always ask us anything related to cats. Also we would love to hear how you’re doing, from time to time, and we would be exited to even see some photos. 🙂

Earlier Litters

Our earliers litters are already in their new, loving homes. You can check out pictures of the earlier litters by clicking the links below.

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