Air Litter

Ilmapennut 5vk

Air Litter at 5 weeks age. From left: Valma, Eppu, Elsi, Airi.

The second litter of Gubbe and Lily was born on 15th November, 2015. The theme of this litter is air. There are three girls (chocolate, tawny and chocolate silver spotted) and one boy (chocolate spotted) in the litter. All kittens have been very lively and well growing. The kittens got already their FIFe/Kissaliitto registration papers, and here is a brief introduction of each kitten.

FI*Northalla Aeriform Substance “Airi”, chocolate silver spotted girl

Airi 5vk Airi was born first, on a Sunday evening 15-Nov-2015 at 17:40, head first. Airi weighed 98g when she was born.

FI*Northalla Vaporous Element “Eppu”, chocolate spotted boy

Eppu 5vkSecond, butt first to world, was born Eppu, chocolate spotted boy. He weighed 110g. Eppu was born 10 minutes after his sister Airi.

FI*Northalla Volatile Compound “Valma”, tawny spotted girl

Valma 6vkAfter giving birth to Eppu, Lily took a break of 38 minutes, taking care of two first born kittens. Valma, the dark panther, was born head first, weighing a handsome 108g.

FI*Northalla Ethereal Medium “Elsi”, chocolate spotted girl

Elsi 5vkOnly 7 minutes after her sister Valma, chocolate spotted Elsi was born. She came head first, weighing only 83g – exactly same as Rock Litter’s  Sissi / Tara did. Elsi grew quicker than her siblings and no longer is the smallest of the litter. As a matter of fact, she is the most enthusiastic wrestler of the litter.

There have been a lot of enquiries about the Air Litter, of which we are grateful. Sorry for those that have to remain on the waiting list. However we are planning to mate our silver queens Moona and Helmi as soon as they come to season…